Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The Darker Side of Chocolate

Image result for fair trade logoToday in Social Studies we were shown a video called, The Darker Side of Chocolate. After watching this video I had realized, in Ghana, child labour is a big problem. I had found out that very young children, even younger than 10 years old had been working on Cocoa Bean farms 7 hours a day, some even longer. Some children were even forced by there parents to work because they didn't get enough money. This video had showed me that while people like me are enjoying all the chocolate they could eat, there are children in Ghana who are working and making the product,7 hours a day and these children haven't even tasted the chocolate. But still, even though these children work very hard, they still don't have enough money to even feed the family.

 So an organisation, Fair trade, decided to sell the chocolate that some of these people in Ghana make, paying them good money and helping them out,UNLESS the children are free and not working. So I recommend that people start buying chocolates that have the Fair Trade logo, because all that money goes to help people struggling in Ghana.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Social Studies: Why I Chose this Country, Zimbabwe

In Social Studies we have been learning about child labour and how bad and common child labour is in a lot of countries. So today my Social Studies teacher has given us the choice to pick a country. My group decided to choose Zimbabwe because we realised how bad child labour is in this country and it seems interesting so we just want to look into it.

Atoms and Electrons

Atoms are the smallest particles of a chemical element that can exist having parts called the nucleus and outer shells or orbit. The nucleus contains neutrons which have no charge and are neutral and protons a positive charge. On the outer shells, there are electrons, which produce a negative charge. These electrons can be gained, lost or shared, depending on how many are left on the last shell.

Here is a Structure of an Atom