Sunday, 4 December 2016

Kakapo DLO

The kakapo is a native,but flightless parrot in New Zealand that had become endangered.They are more endangered,than our national animal,the kiwi. This animal had been extinct in Wellington for 100 years.The kakapo had become extinct because the people and pests had been eating them,and since they're flightless parrots,it was easy to for them to catch. But have learnt that there is a company,The Department of Conservation,which is trying to bring the kakapo back.Their job is to protect any species of animal having a native habitat in New Zealand. They are also given the privilege to study on their behaviour as well. But bringing this native bird into this new world could also bring problems for us and for them. Once the kakapo are brought into the world,it is going to be harder for them to adapt to the new environment,the food chain could change dramatically and they might even become a pest.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Maori Reflection

Today in period 2 we had attended our Maori class,Te Reo. In class Whaea had first told us about respect when others are talking and just respect for the culture.After that we went around the room saying our  name and then introducing the person on your left in Maori.This was what I had to say.......

Tena Koutou Katoa
Ko Tauola ahau
I taha maui
Ko _____Tenei
No ______ ia

After this we finished that,we watched a video with some Maori students from our school,present there mihi and then ended the class off with another video,that had 2 people singing a short Maori hymn.

Science: Cells and Bacteria

This slide displays on what I have been learning so far in science at school. We have recently been talking about cells and bacteria, so here's a slide to display what I have learnt. By the way I have done this slide with my group, :Rave,Loloma and Quasia. Thank you.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Science Reflection

Today in Science the class was learning about bacteria.I had learnt that bacteria aren't just bad things that cause us to get sick.We had been instructed to read an article that had talked about how being to clean can be dangerous.It had said that if young children weren't exposed to bacteria it could,be dangerous and effect there immune system.The bacteria that we are exposed to when we are younger help our immune system become stronger and can fight against the bad bacteria,if not exposed kids could get sick very easily and the immune system won't develop properly.Scientist had also found out that bacteria can fight against sicknesses like asthma,eczema and other health problems.After reading this we had finished off the period,with a small game when we had to write some facts from the article and see if we agreed and organised the most important facts,then giving it to Miss Wells.That was when the bell had rung to go for lunch.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Science Reflection

Today,I had alot of classes but in science a few people from my class,9KLe,had been selected to be filmed during our science lesson,The people that were Alisi,Sarah,Paige and I. During our science lesson we had been filmed while learning a bit about the human eye.We had learnt about the parts of the eye like the retina,cornea,lens,iris and etc.We had also learnt about the purpose of those parts and just about why they were there.The class didn't go on learning about the human eye for too long because we had to finish the period off with 20 minutes of SSR,but that's when we had ended the lesson and recording the video.