Sunday, 20 November 2016

Science Reflection

Today in Science the class was learning about bacteria.I had learnt that bacteria aren't just bad things that cause us to get sick.We had been instructed to read an article that had talked about how being to clean can be dangerous.It had said that if young children weren't exposed to bacteria it could,be dangerous and effect there immune system.The bacteria that we are exposed to when we are younger help our immune system become stronger and can fight against the bad bacteria,if not exposed kids could get sick very easily and the immune system won't develop properly.Scientist had also found out that bacteria can fight against sicknesses like asthma,eczema and other health problems.After reading this we had finished off the period,with a small game when we had to write some facts from the article and see if we agreed and organised the most important facts,then giving it to Miss Wells.That was when the bell had rung to go for lunch.

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