Sunday, 4 December 2016

Kakapo DLO

The kakapo is a native,but flightless parrot in New Zealand that had become endangered.They are more endangered,than our national animal,the kiwi. This animal had been extinct in Wellington for 100 years.The kakapo had become extinct because the people and pests had been eating them,and since they're flightless parrots,it was easy to for them to catch. But have learnt that there is a company,The Department of Conservation,which is trying to bring the kakapo back.Their job is to protect any species of animal having a native habitat in New Zealand. They are also given the privilege to study on their behaviour as well. But bringing this native bird into this new world could also bring problems for us and for them. Once the kakapo are brought into the world,it is going to be harder for them to adapt to the new environment,the food chain could change dramatically and they might even become a pest.

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  1. People were eating kakapo? I think you should be more specific! What sort of pests were endangering them? How did these birds end up being flightless, like so many of our NZ birds? Kakapo must not have been extinct all around NZ, because the breeding programmes were able to build up their numbers before reintroducing them to Wellington - be careful of your scientific vocabulary, when you say "brought back into the world" it sounds like a crazy scientist grew them in a test tube! Hehe.