Monday, 31 July 2017

Zimbabwe: Child Labour Reflection

After researching about Zimbabwe, I had found out that Child Labour in this country is a big problem. Instead of children having a normal childhood playing around and attending school, they're are attending work. The kids in Zimbabwe are abandoned by their parents with these children becoming orphans. They are then left to fight for themselves so they end up working, with no school education. Kids in this country aren't given any education because they can not afford books, uniform and other school equipment. These kids are even forced out of schools to leave and start working. With these children work long hours every day with cotton plantations, tea, sugarcane, as well as fishing industries. During work they are put in a lot of danger, experiencing physical injuries and mutilations from the machinery they work with. But one effect that I feel is really bad is the pesticide poisoning because 40,000 kids die from it every year.

But even though things look really bad for the kids in this country, there are organisations that are trying to prevent child labour and try and get people to donate money to them, to help these kids survive. These are two organisations, that are trying to prevent child labour, UNICEF and World Vision.

After finding out so much about Zimbabwe, I have realised how lucky I am and am very thankful for everything I have in my life. I might not have the best things in the world, but I have a school education, have a family and just, a chance, something that isn't just given to many children in Child Labour. Related image
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  1. I really enjoyed reading the reflection at the end of your summary Tauola :)