Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Art Class

Today I had attended, my option class, Art and  have been attending this class for a few weeks. Our first task, was to draw some patterns and things about yourself , with a portrait of you, a family member or even someone you admire.

Most of the time I have been drawing. I was first given a white piece of paper drawing everything related to what I like and admire. Once I had finished that task, I had transferred all of that on to a black board that I have now finally started carving out, just today.

On my board I had put a cross on the top, to represents Jesus Christ and how important he is to me. Around the cross and near the bottom of my artwork, I have some Polynesian patterns. These patterns represent my culture. The Samoan flag is also located in my art work, which again represents my culture. I also wrote down some words about God, my family and life. The person I drew, was myself, but I had sketched a photo of me, from not now, but when I was little.

From this I had learnt about negative and positive areas. Areas that you have coloured white are negative and black parts being the positive areas. The negative areas are the areas I am carving out and the positive areas are the parts that don't get carved out. The challenge with this task, is that I have to make sure that I balance the colours evenly and don't to much of this and not enough of that. But, Yes, I enjoy this class a lot.

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  1. Art sounds fun :) It would have been great to see a picture of your sketch in the blog post!